The 2022 Chess Festival.

The 13th Vaujany International Chess Festival will be held in Vaujany (50kms south of Grenoble) between July 14th and July 22nd, 2022. It is organized by PROMO-ECHECS and takes place at the "Espace Loisirs" center. Players can register in one of the following 3 tournaments:

  • The A tournament (Tournoi Principal) is for strong players with  Elo rating >  1800. Approximately 15 IM and IGM are invited every year. The first prize amounts to 1200 € .
  • The B tournament  (Accession)  is for club players with  Elo  < 1900. The first prize amounts to 500 €.
  • The C tournament  (Petizelos) is for players with Elo < 1500. The first prize amounts to 150 €.


templatemoRate of play :  All tournaments are played in 9 rounds. The time control is Fischer 100 min plus 30 sec / move for the first 40 moves, then 40 min plus 30 sec / move to finish.

Registration fees : The registration fees are 58 / 29 € for A tournament, 50 / 25 € for B tournament and 30 / 15 € for the C tournament. Half rate is for <20 years old players and for FIDE masters with Elo > 2200.

Prizes : The total prize fund is 8000 € minimum:  5400 € in the A tournament, 2200 € in the B tournament and 400 € in the C tournament. It will be larger if we get more than 150 players.

Arrival : It is strongly recommanded to arrive on july 13th because on July 14th, with the Tour de France arrival at Alpe d'Huez, the roads will be closed to traffic early in the morning (some time around 11 am). Also public transportation could be unavailable on July 14th, for the same reason.