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10th Vaujany International Chess Festival
July 11-19, 2019
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Transportation (EN)
Travel informations and miscellanous

If you arrive by train:
you will arrive at  the Grenoble SNCF station. You have then to take at the closeby bus station  the bus #3000 Grenoble-Bourg d'oisans and stop at Rochetaillée (12kms from Vaujany). At Rochetaillée you have a correspondance with  bus #
3010 Rochetaillée Vaujany. However note that this bus runs upon request only. Else you will need to book a taxi, contact the organisers  if you need to book a taxi or reserve bus #3010.

Bus time-chart Grenoble Vaujany  A summary of the different possibilities for your arrival and departure. Note that line 3010 Rochetaillée Vaujany is upon request only. One needs to call one day before (and before 12am) at  0 820 08 38 38 (0,118€/min) to book a shuttle . Let us know if you need help.

Detailed Time chart of bus line 3000 Grenoble - Rochetaillée - Bourg d'oisans  Transit time 1h20 to Rochetaillée or 1h35 to Bourg d'Oisans (omnibus) Updated for 2019
Detailed Time chart of bus line 3020/3030 Grenoble -  Bourg d'oisans -Alpe d'Huez/Les deux alpes Transit time 0h55 to Bourg d'Oisans  (direct) Updated for 2019
Detailed Time chart of bus line 3010 Rochetaillée-Vaujany  Updated for 2019

If you arrive by car:
Drive to Grenoble and from there follow the direction "Bourg d'Oisans Briançon". At Rochetaillée, 10kms before Bourg d'Oisans, turn left to Allemont, continue  after Allemont, cross the barage, turn left  and at the end of  the lake turn right to Vaujany.
Access map
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If you arrive by plane: Lyon St Exupery is the closest airport.    Lyon airport  is linked to Grenoble by bus shuttles every half hour or every hour depending on the time in the day.  Once in Grenoble, you have to take the bus #3000 Grenoble-Bourg d'oisans and stop at Rochetaillée (12kms from Vaujany), then take taxi or bus #3010 to vaujany as explained above at the train section.  Do not hesitate to contact the organisers if you need help, in case of trouble we  can send somebody to pick you up at your arrival at Rochetaillée.
You can also land at Paris Orly or Charles de Gaule airports or at Geneva Cointrin Airport and then take a TGV, a train or a bus to GRENOBLE but it will take more time.

Shuttle Lyon Airport to Grenoble  
The shuttle company is  OuiBus. Shuttles every hour from 5h30 to 10h30 and from 15h30 to 0h30. Shuttles every half hour between 10h30 and 15h30.  It takes 1h05 to drive from Lyon aéroport Saint-Exupery airport to Grenoble bus station.

Vaujany map and appartments location "Les hauts de la Drayre" is residence #5  and  "Les Valmonts"  is residence#7

web site of Vaujany tourist office

Taxi coordinates: the cost is 20 to 30€ from Rochetaillée to Vaujany
ALP TAXI ESPOSITO  Tel. ou  (remove the first 0 and add +33 if you call from a foreign cell phone)