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10th Vaujany International Chess Festival
July 11-19, 2019
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last update January 26, 2019

Invitations MI/GMI
Titled players Invitations  

The organizing comitee will invite about 15 titled players (10 IM, 5 IGM) in the 2018 tournament. To optimize the costs we will favour titled players coming as a group of several players from the same country and/or accepting to share an appartment. For  groups with 3 players or more, we can provide appartments larger than the standard ones, with several sleeping rooms. 

To candidate please contact Jean-Pierre Lees, 1785 route des vignes, 74370 VILLAZ  

Phone:  (+33)(0)6 70 16 35 82  email:  promoechecs at promoechecs.com (replace at by @)

The invited players will benefit of the following conditions:
  • Free Registration (WM, WGM, IM and IGM )
  • Free Accomodation  in a furnished appartment with a fully equipped kitchen.

The invited players MUST enter their games in the tournament database so that they can be published in the tournament bulletin and database. They should fight from the first to the last game and  short draws are forbidden, following the tournament rule 

Our tournament has a lot of success so please contact us as early as january if you wish to get an invitation. The organising comitee will decide on a first list of invited players by the end of March 2018 at the latest.