Timetable and miscellaneous informations

All games take place at "Espace Loisirs" (Swimming pool building)
Only one game is played every day (no double rounds).

Timetable :

  • Registration and check in : thursday july 13, 2023 from 9h00 to 14h00. Check in is mandatory even if you already paid your registration. People who did not register or check in before 14h will not be paired at round 1.
  • Round 1: thursday july 13 at 14h30.
  • Rounds 2 to 8 will start every day at 14 h 30.
  • The last round (friday july 21) will start at 10h00.
  • The prize-giving ceremony will occur on friday july 21 at 17h30 (5:30 pm). Prizes will only be awarded to players who attend the closing ceremony.

Espace loisirs, where the games take place.